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ryan worrall

ryan worrall
i'll be always there for u..yeah i know u meant it.. but where the fuck where u were there when i needed u.. i was growing up..i had no one..and then u saay its all my fault like really??? u didnt talk to me u were just like everyone else in that music class like i thought u were different u viewed me like everyone did and i thought iwas more.. you gave me self worth..abd that period i felt like ik didnt have any i secretly hate u! u have no idea... u were the only guy that cared about me..and i meant something and u just left me ... like how can u?? u always took my breath away..and you were there for me but i wanted more .. i secretly wanted u...u were my first love and i'lll never forget u but lauren and ur friends meant more ryan..i guess never meant anything i dont know if there are things going between u..i just feel like rachel altogether.. why couldnt u say anything to me..am i that socially awkward like how everone viewed me i thought there was something special...i dcont think u truly loved me..at all..u never thought about me at all...if it makes u feel better i think i was just holding u back..u were meant for me..and i guess i wasnt.i want to be happy..whoever u have hup there..u r amazing whether u love me or not did u at least love me<,goodbye..i wonder if u wanted this to happen to me..i feel like none of those guys ever loved me but if u want the truth i thinkk u cared about me the most.i AM DISAPPOINTED.this my last goodbye.. ;(


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Feb. 17th, 2013 12:05 pm (UTC)
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me dressed up pic 1 :)

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