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"how can i believe your god or not"
"i worked all my life to get here and now its crashing down"
"all my life i strived to get here" pty
"to actually believe he loved me, to actually think i mean something"
and now i am nothing
"looking into your eyes kills me everytime, the blue represents the sadness, i'll never be your joy.
without no goodbye
no more lazy tries
i want you back
i am sorry for no long drives
dont you know i miss you
dont you know i hold mr. andy the whole night

dear andrew
i remember you like a wooden cross
that w
everything has changed
walking through that elevator door
as you hold my hand tight
everything has changed
dont you know everything felt right
lets let go of the night

as i lie here
on my bathroom floor
do you still remember my name

i see you write her name in red lipstick
am i really that wicked
her blond hair sparkle through the air
her rosy cheeks i can not bear
ill be your songbird
let me fly you away
ill sing you away
ill give you my compromising smile
lets forget the day
let me grab my mic
and join me
lets fly away
leave this town
you and me
my twin
forget the whole scene
as you take me
let me be your songbird
ill sing you sweet tune
dont be singing the blues
the rain
wont let u carry the tune
lets look at the marvelous m

christopher garrett

he is not worth it. he has no heart. everyone is right. i thought he was different. maybe i should judge character better.how can u watch someone cry and u made them cry and not feel anything. emotionless. thats qwho u are. a brainwashed emotionless blackhold ass hold u said it urself. and the truth is no one cares. u have no heart anymore. all u care ab out is a girl who braiwash u ..i am over u.. in fact ur wort any songs. u heartless asshole i dont even hathats who u are.. thats who u always be. aww u have a gf good for u. u totally dcreep. how can u love someone that just copies someone lets see sings likes me writes like mete u i kinda feel bad for u u have no heart. ur not getting anywhere in life. and i am sorry

my suicide note..

it was never good enough. nothing was. my grades. tthe boys. nothing is good enough. i just want to be here.i give up. i cant sing. its not enough good enough. nothing is. i was never even good enough for any of those boys. i feel like shit./ i miss my bff.i need her . i dont think anyone can help me. i was so perfect.i wish that rapist killed me. i dont want to be here i dont think anty care if i died. i think eveyone hates me..i dont even want to go to heven. i want to go nowhere. i just want to b e dead. i think it would be b etter if i werent alive.i hate my life more than ever. its not fair. i did everything.i hate myself i am not pretty and u know what it wasnt good enough i might as well smoke pot.it better in the other side death is better i should be studyhing i used to care so much and n ow it doesnt matter it doesnt matter it was never good enough

where there fireworks when u kissed me.

No one ever felt that way about me. I gave it up to them. Live everything. I gave them my heart. I gave them more than that. And now i wonder if that or was it my beauty. i rather be known for mt heart then looks. But those girls are so much better than me. i guess thats why there were no fireworks. i think rachel was better than quinn. i feel rachel's heartbreak. I dont think i'll fall in love. i feel like jessie. I dont want to be beauty for someone tol love me. i know that not even enough i wonder if it will ever be enough..when rachel said that she was hearbroken i guess felt that all along
what doesnt kill you makes u stronger.

I am not dead. I went through these past few years. i dont need friends. i dont need a family. i dont need a bf. i just need me. i love myself.i am amazing and i always thought i had to perfect. i dont need. i am not going to kill myself over that. i am amaing i dont need chris or jessie or any of that i can get a new bf a new best friend and you know what chris is trash like literally haha everything i did for him..he wants to be want a girl that copies everything that wants to be me then he is not it..scumbag:)!

the sweetest things guys say to me

i'll be there ofr u
your beautiful
i love u
i'll always love u
your great at what u do
ur better thanm the most popular girl in the school

ryan worrall

ryan worrall
i'll be always there for u..yeah i know u meant it.. but where the fuck where u were there when i needed u.. i was growing up..i had no one..and then u saay its all my fault like really??? u didnt talk to me u were just like everyone else in that music class like i thought u were different u viewed me like everyone did and i thought iwas more.. you gave me self worth..abd that period i felt like ik didnt have any i secretly hate u! u have no idea... u were the only guy that cared about me..and i meant something and u just left me ... like how can u?? u always took my breath away..and you were there for me but i wanted more .. i secretly wanted u...u were my first love and i'lll never forget u but lauren and ur friends meant more ryan..i guess never meant anything i dont know if there are things going between u..i just feel like rachel altogether.. why couldnt u say anything to me..am i that socially awkward like how everone viewed me i thought there was something special...i dcont think u truly loved me..at all..u never thought about me at all...if it makes u feel better i think i was just holding u back..u were meant for me..and i guess i wasnt.i want to be happy..whoever u have hup there..u r amazing whether u love me or not did u at least love me<,goodbye..i wonder if u wanted this to happen to me..i feel like none of those guys ever loved me but if u want the truth i thinkk u cared about me the most.i AM DISAPPOINTED.this my last goodbye.. ;(